Different types of TV commercials

Television advertising continues to be a powerful way to promote business. It’s no wonder that more and more business people want to hire production companies to make encouraging announcements for their organization.

When it comes to television commercials, there are many different types.

TV commercial styles

Serious – This sends a serious message. Often this does not include jingles, cheerful voices or beds, happy characters, or bright colors. It contains nothing to poke fun at a serious topic.

Humorous – This makes use of comedy to make your audience laugh so they can sell your products. Humor is often used to remind the audience of the commercial.

Factual – This will include many statistics and facts to inform your audience. An example is advertisements about the dangers of smoking. The facts are announced on television to surprise viewers to quit smoking.

Fiction – This conveys something that is generally a character that is not real but just fantasy.

Pastiche – This is a style of radio, which tries to reflect a current product. This is often done in a song.

Repetition – The ad is repeated so that the audience remembers the message that the ad wants to convey.

Easy – This is basic and simple. It shows no difficulty. This is often used to convey a clear message without complications.

Complex – This is a radio ad that is complicated and aims to distract the audience from something.

Nostalgic – This refers to past years, which is quite similar to a trip to the past. The main objective of this style is to take the audience through different eras.

Futuristic – This will include everything that is associated with the future. This can include advanced technology or aliens. They make use of a futuristic creature.

Modern – This is a modern looking radio commercial that usually includes a lot of jingles. In fact, modern technology allowed video production companies to do this.

Aggressive – This is a style that appears angry as evidenced by the high pitch of the narrator’s voice or by angry content. The word “now” is often repeated.

Persuasive – This is intended to persuade the audience. It includes prices and makes use of words like “only” so that they can effectively persuade the target audience.

Immediacy – This has a sense of urgency and haste.

Long-term – This is a radio commercial that can be used for a very long period of time. It does not include limited offers. This is often used to increase brand awareness.

If you are a business owner and want to invest in TV commercials, consider these different styles.

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