Author Dan Brown was born on June 22, 1964, and grew up in Exeter, New
hampshire. She came from a very wealthy family. Her father, Richard G. Brown, was a noted math teacher. Mrs. Constance Brown was a professional musician. Dan also grew up with two other brothers. Dan Brown married Blythe, who accompanies him on his frequent research trips for her novels. He now lives in New England as a full-time writer with his wife. Other novels by Dan Brown include Digital Fortress, The Da Vinci Code, and Deception Point.

The story of the novel Angels and Demons arose in the 17th century when the Illuminati swore revenge against the Vatican. The reason they wanted revenge was that the Vatican had kicked them out of their city for not being dedicated Christians.

The Illuminati went into hiding in Bavaria where they farmed with other antichrist groups like Jews and Muslims. This gang of anti-Christians led to a new Illuminati, a darker, more powerful and deeply satanic cult. Promising that one day they would return and take revenge on the Catholic Church.

Dan grew up surrounded by false beliefs about science and religion. These beliefs gave him perspectives that served as the inspiration for his acclaimed novel Angels and Demons. On one of his fact-finding trips to Vatican City, he was walking through a small tunnel where the Popes were hiding from the enemies known as the Illuminati brotherhood, also known as “the illuminati”. This kind of brotherhood was formed scientific antichrist. When Dan Brown heard the scholar giving the tour say “Modern historians believe the Illuminati is still active today.” He inspired him to write an Illuminati thriller.

Angel & Demons is a thriller about the return of the Illuminati brotherhood and revenge against their enemies. Above all, it’s a story about Robert Langdon, the Harvard symbologist who gets caught in the middle.

Robert Langdon is a historian who is interrupted by a phone call from a physicist at CERN who tells Robert to meet in a private place. When Mr. Langdon arrives at his destination in Switzerland, Kohler the physicist shows him a photograph of a murder. A scientist with the word Illuminati printed on his chest. Mr. Langdon was asked who might think he was the killer, since he was a historian who knew symbology. Vittoria was the daughter of the scientist who had just been killed. She told Kohler and Langdon about a secret project she and her father had been working on, Antimatter. Antimatter was the opposite of matter creating a huge explosion if it made contact with anything, including air.

The Illuminati got hold of this antimatter because they wanted to prove to Catholics that life could simply be made of science. Meanwhile, back in Rome, the conclave-election of the new Pope was taking place. Fearing that Antimatter would reach Rome and destroy Vatican City, Langdon and Vittoria set out to find the Antimatter. The chamberlain of the late Pope received a phone call from a man claiming to be from the Illuminati brotherhood telling them that his four favorite cardinals were going to be assassinated. One by one, the Illuminati began to kill the cardinals by carving the words earth, air, fire, and water on their chests. Langdon and Victoria were on the trail of the killer, but each time they got closer, it was too late.

Each kill led to a clue as to where the next one would be. Eventually, Langdon
had caught up with the killer who mentioned that there would be one last murder and that

the leader of the Illuminati would do it himself, and then Langdon kills him. Kohler flew in from CERN to meet with the chamberlain. Kohler was the leader of the Illuminati who was there to kill the Chamberlain, but instead the Chamberlain imprinted the Illuminati sign on him and killed Kohler. Chamberlain was heading towards the antimatter that was under the Sistine Chapel. In conclusion, Chamberlain took the antimatter and flew with it until it exploded in midair and there was no danger to anyone else in the city.

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