Budget Cupid is here to help you put a little romance in your life for less this Valentine’s Day with 10 inexpensive date ideas!

Enjoy chocolate-dipped strawberries and champagne by the fireplace

How romantic, like a scene from a movie! Go one step further and prepare the chocolate dipped strawberries together:

  • Easy Chocolate Covered Strawberry Recipe:
  • Wash and dry well 1 pound of fresh strawberries.
  • Melt to 12 oz. chocolate chip packet with 1 tablespoon butter in microwave for 1 minute, stir and microwave in additional 30 second increments if needed, stir until smooth.
  • Hold the strawberries by the stem and dip, place on wax paper to harden.

Revisit your wedding album

Curl up by the fireplace and rekindle the flame while looking at your wedding album! How about that for a FREE DATE NIGHT!

Dine inside, not outside

Cook a nice dinner together and dine by candlelight. Try some new recipes or recreate a meal you saw on the Food Network.

Panoramic walk

My all-time favorite date with my husband was when we took a scenic drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway. Hiking, picnics and sunsets … how romantic is that?

A walk on the beach

If you live in a warm climate and are close to the beach, take a walk, hold hands, collect shells, and enjoy a glass of wine.

Wine tasting at home

Ask your local wine store to recommend some cheap wines and then cover the bottles in brown paper bags, taste and rate. You might discover a new favorite cheap wine! Don’t forget to buy a good loaf of French bread from the bakery and a couple of deli cheeses.

Couples massage

If you’re looking for a cheap date, the $ 200 couples massage at the local spa is most likely out of the question, but a home massage can be a lot more romantic! Check out an instructional book or watch an instructional YouTube video together, take turns getting a massage, and RELAX.

Half and half

If you can’t decide what to do for Valentine’s Day, each of you should plan an activity. Maybe you plan dinner and your spouse chooses a movie? Celebrate all weekend and everyone can be in charge for one day. Add to the romance by surprising each other with your plans.

Game night

Yes, romantic games exist!

Movie night

There’s nothing better than snuggling together on the couch with a warm blanket and watching a romantic movie! My personal favorite? Love Actually!

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