The concept of cooking with clay pots is as old as civilization itself. Since ancient times, the preferred method of cooking food has been in clay pots, until about a century ago when people began to extract so many metals and had no other way to reuse them, they turned them into cooking pots. By then we had completely lost our connections to why our ancestors revered this cooking method and quickly gave in to the pressure of marketing. Little did we know what we were leaving behind …

This 100% non-toxic all natural material cooks the healthiest foods without metals or chemical contaminants.

The water soluble nutrients remain intact because the vapor is conserved. In this cooking method, steam forms later in the cooking process and condenses naturally. The body cannot store these essential water-soluble nutrients, so it is important to get them from food on a daily basis.

Plus, it preserves delicate nutrients like complex carbohydrates that are usually destroyed in the damaging heat of ordinary kitchen utensils. A lack of complex carbohydrates means an excess of simple carbohydrates in the diet, which is the main cause of diabetes.

“After 3-4 months of eating at least 90% of my food in pure clay pots, I have become 10 times healthier, got rid of diabetes, low thyroid, and everyday illnesses like common colds and colds. seasonal fevers became very rare. ” says Miriam Kattumuri, who eventually started making her own line of all-natural clay cookware called Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC). She did not feel “morally correct” if she kept kindness to herself.

In her research traveling the world in search of the healthiest cookware, she also came across groups of people and families who still cooked with only natural clay and were far ahead of their time in the health and well-being of the people who used them. they surrounded that they did not.

“I felt more energetic using these products,” says Cheryl from Richmond VA who cooks in clay. And rightly so, because all the nutrients in food are preserved and the body gets everything it needs to stay active on a daily basis!

“The best cookware I have ever owned to keep my family healthy without depleting nutrients while I cook,” says Josh from Pennsylvania, USA.

Pure clay pots are good not only for your health but also for the planet. At no point in its life cycle, from obtaining the raw material to the manufacture of the pot, and while it is used for cooking … does it pollute or pollute the planet in any way?

All the good that a pure crock pot does to the health of food, people and the planet is what makes this ancient method of cooking the most amazing!

Do you want to surprise yourself? Get your own pure clay pots and try healthy cooking in pure clay.

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