Car rental in Muscat – Will renting a car improve my trip?

The Sultanate of Oman has only recently developed compared to its neighbors, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, but the pace of progress has been staggering, to say the least. Its capital, Muscat (pronounced Mus-qat in Arabic) has a lot to offer visitors, from discount shopping, indigenous handicrafts, gold souks, off-road thrills, and more.

How much will a rented car cost me?

The average rental for a sedan is 12 OMR ($30) and around 20 OMR ($55) for a 4×4 per day. This cost includes insurance coverage for collision damage, as well as insurance for personal injury and vehicle theft. While these may seem a bit pricey, you can get it at a more negotiable rate if you rent the vehicle for three days or more.

Most of the representatives of the major car rental agencies will be available at the Muscat airport for you to take care of all the formalities and the car will be delivered to your hotel within a few hours. Once delivered, the cost of fuel and fines for accidents or traffic violations is your responsibility.

Just make sure you have an international driver’s license, as most agencies may not accept foreign licenses.

Car rental in Muscat vs. Buses and Taxis

Most taxis do not have a fare meter installed, despite various measures taken by the government. By contrast, the bus service in Muscat is pretty decent, with stops and pickups from pretty much anywhere within the main city limits. However, with names and numbers written in Arabic combined with stuffy interiors, the entire journey can become a headache for many.

As such, renting a car to get around town will be cheap and smart.

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