Persistence is beyond talent, as the reality of accomplishment is beyond ultimate frustration and depression. Sure, as you can see, this will be an important article about life and how to deal with it. So fasten your seat belts in this reading, this will take you to places you must go, must go, and give you a view you probably haven’t seen of yourself yet.

Sure, we all love to win, but losing initially and getting it wrong at first is part of training until you gain proficiency and skill.

Do you realize that the most efficient and wonderful producers of value started with the most backward and seemingly losing people out there until they reversed their trend and worked on it with persistence, trial, error, and realistic overcoming? Sure, I could do this article on “just think positive and you’ll make it!”, But who needs more of that. Sure, you could make this article easy to read. That’s life forever Easy to experiment without work, persistence, and without doing something about it?

Let me answer that question with a loaded “not at all”: Sure, we would all love all the perks and ease without the work, even those great people who really work at everything, sometimes want that when they get frustrated and can’t “attack. achieving greatness at your instant command “and having to master it with perseverance, hard work, and genuine understanding.

Even with “all benefits from birth,” the work must be done without exception. Think deeply about that before continuing.

My dad once told me this in essence, a lot of the exact words, some I’m paraphrasing in proper English, but it’s pretty accurate anyway: “You are a gifted son, but I will not force youYou have to make the decision to develop those gifts and always work on it. Sure, I could beat the presents out of you like Michael Jackson and his group of dad brothers did, but what good would that do? A few million or billions of dollars at most in value or dancing on a television or movie screen? I’m preparing you for what’s real, and it’s worth so much more anyway.“The italicized words were his exact words as I genuinely remember them. But I had to paraphrase most of what he said, because I remember him using idioms, inappropriate language, and inappropriate English, but the meaning is everybody there I thought about what he told me about this reality, and that is what counts.

There are times, like any, when you wish you could have an easier path than working at it and perseverance. Is there really an easy path without somehow paying the price of eternal greatness? Even Jesus Christ, Mohandas / Mahatma Gandhi and Gautama Buddha said a resounding never through their actions and work. Nixon, Trump, and Bill Clinton said “yes,” but look what they did to say “yes”: scandals, headaches, wag the dog warlike pageantry and dirty tricks involving high crimes and well-concealed fouls. Either way, you or I can’t help it: the real price. After all, it may seem funnier and easier to be fake, but if you really want it, you should definitely pay the cost without flinching, with complete persistence; warts, work and everything. That is the final verdict I have on reality. I may get frustrated at times, in fact I don’t let it get the best of me, I go with that final verdict.

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