Business insurance is important to entrepreneurs, regardless of the size of their business. Aside from breadth, the commercial insurance that Clovis offers should also have enough flexibility. You can have an overwhelming number of options when considering insurance for your business. Before starting a business, the entrepreneur draws up a business plan. The policy is to help protect the business owner from unwanted and invisible events such as theft, fire, property damage, and injury to employees.

Different Commercial Options

When you buy insurance, everyone expects the best protection at competitive prices. Clovis Business Insurance covers all of these:

To???? Professional responsibility.

To???? Workers compensation.

To???? Commercial property.

To???? Business insurance.

To???? Commercial Automobile Liability.

To???? Commercial umbrella.

To???? Product liability insurance.

A business may not need all of the insurance listed above. You can check the characteristics of each one and select the insurance that suits your needs.

Professional responsibility

The most important business insurance that Clovis offers is liability insurance. This protects your business when you cause harm to another person or business. This protection also includes defective products and damage to a person on your business premises. Stay protected against property damage and personal injury. A lawsuit against your business can lead to bankruptcy, but liability insurance will protect you from that.

Workers compensation

Company employees need protection under state law. This is to provide compensation if they are injured while working for the company. But there is a stipulation that this is applicable only if you have a specific number of employees.

Commercial property

Your bank will request this type of insurance when you hold your mortgage. Also, if you have rented a commercial space from your landlord, then you could apply for this type of insurance. Commercial property insurance protects the homeowner from property damage, such as fire damage, weather damage, and theft.

Business insurance

This covers various aspects of the business and depends on the size of the business. When you have a warehouse that contains flammable material, you should consider insurance that covers fire damage. A business owners policy (BOP) helps a business with more than 100 employees.

If your business uses vehicles, you might consider including commercial vehicles as well. When many clients visit your business premises, liability insurance is also a must.

Commercial vehicle liability

This Clovis Commercial Insurance covers the business that uses commercial vehicles. The insurance protects you from any type of damage suffered by the vehicle, accidents, fire and theft. You can also have extended coverage to cover delays in the transport of passengers and goods.

Commercial umbrella

This is also called excess liability. If you work for a provider, you may need this insurance on your part. You may have insurance policy coverage for many things, but sometimes this may not be enough. In this case, Commercial Umbrella insurance will cover it.

It is vital to keep your insurance current at all times. If you don’t, you will continue to be at a disadvantage when you discover that your policy has expired and you need insurance coverage.

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