Basketry tools and equipment are often available at craft stores. Just what you will need to make your basketry masterpiece will depend on your skill level and the type of basketry you are interested in. Here are some laws to help you choose what basketry tools and equipment you might need.

There are several types of materials to choose from when making baskets. Ancient baskets were often woven from hardwoods such as ash, oak, or walnut, but today most basket weavers, just learning basketry, use tropical materials such as reed or reed. Reed or reed are much less expensive than hardwoods and are also better to work with. Most basketry patterns and kits suggest using reed or reed, although willow is another very flexible material to think about. Cane and cane are grown in various parts of East Asia, where they are processed into different sizes of cane and cane. The cane is taken from the inside of the vine, while the cane is the outer bark and is more generally used for woven chair seats.

If you are very new to basket making, the basketry tools and equipment you will potentially need will include the following:

* Scissors to cut the cane

* Bone ax: for poking holes in your wrap in rib style baskets

* Clamps – to hold the edges of the basket

* Reed Gauge – Used to estimate the measurement of various types of reeds.

* Pattern: the pattern you can follow when making your basket

* Cane or walking stick – to make your basketwork

Reed is available in numerous shapes including flat, flat oval, semi-circular, and round, make sure you look at your pattern to find the correct shape and size. The cane is used more for the production of woven chair seats. Willow is said to have healing powers and has been used in basket weaving for centuries. Today, you will most likely find it used for all kinds of garden structures, garden furniture, and greenhouse furniture. There are some types of willows that are used for basket weaving and many of them are from the Salix family.

Willow rods are a shiny wood used in basket weaving. Whatever type of basket weaving interests you, most patterns will include an inventory of tools and equipment for basket weaving that you will need to complete your project. Many of these should be available at craft stores or perhaps your local hardware store.

The diversity of products you can create using basket weaving is enormous and includes items such as bottle holders, small baskets, firewood storage baskets and even dinner plates. Old chairs with damaged cane seats and backs are widely available at thrift stores, vehicle boot sales, auctions, for example. and these can be returned to their former glory with a little patience and understanding of basketry and reed weaving.

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