There are many advantages to floor plans. For example, they offer beautiful designs and the right dimensions for your desired designs. In fact, these floor plans are colorful and feature beautiful pictorial illustrations. You can create these plans in many formats, such as DWG, TIF, WMF, and JPEG, just to name a few. Also, you can make them in 3D or 2D depending on the desired results. Hand drawn sketches are easy to convert to 2D and 3D format. If you want to know the difference between 2D and 3D floor plans, you may want to read on.

Technical difference

In 2D floor plans, you, the designer, work on both the y-axis and the x-axis. Also, the layout can be changed up, down, right, and left. On the other hand, 2D plans are relatively simpler and cheaper. They can be used to show the right, top and front side of the object.

Unlike 2D, designers work on three exis to create 3D floor plans. This is actually like shaping an object that looks the same no matter what angle you look at it from. With 3D technology, solid models and wireframes are created line by line.

Other differences

Let’s read some other things that differentiate 2D designs from 3D designs.


When it comes to cost, 2D plans are cheap. But if it’s quality you’re after, we suggest you spend a little more and choose 3D floor plans.


When it comes to quality, nothing can beat 3D. With 3D technology, expert designers add furniture to enhance the look. As a result, they can produce realistic designs. The great thing about 3D is that they can create 360-degree tours, virtual tours, and full views.


When it comes to flexibility, 3D services are the way to go. 2D models can be used to create 3D models. For the final model, a high resolution can be achieved.


To enhance the user experience, the 3D floor can include many animated options. On the other hand, 2D plans may not offer as many options. Apart from this, the 3D plans give the viewer control so that he can rotate the design and check the structure from different angles. Additionally, the designs allow the user to press a button to make furniture appear or disappear within rooms.

With innovative floor plans, you can carry out the promotion of your property without any problem, which helps you generate leads. Therefore, when choosing between 2D and 3D, we suggest that you consider your needs, as well as the benefits that each option brings.

Simply put, we can say that 3D floor plans are much better than traditional 2D plans. But when making your choice, we suggest that you take your needs and requirements into account. Do not make your decision based solely on the price, as it is not worth it and you will regret your decision in the future.

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