AI and social networks: automate to liberate

These days everyone is on social media, for better or worse.

Sometimes we wish we weren’t (€Šthe rumble of the internet is even louder on social media), but brands need to be where people gather to be successful. Aside from the teasing and endless annoyances of Twitter exchanges, it’s undeniable that one can connect with many people at once on social media.

Here’s the rub: social media is loud and it’s getting loud. How can you be effective on social media when over 8,000 tweets are shared every second? Welcome to Alice’s new rabbit hole.

If there is to be a respite, both for the sake of sanity and strategy, we need new tools.

Enter automation. Automation specifically powered by AI. Why AI? Classic automation is a mechanical Turk. Not the Amazon type, but the 19th century type. You may believe that he can “play chess”, but he is not. You can get the hamster wheel going on its own, but it needs a lot of personal supervision or it won’t get you very far. It is the epitome of activity without progress. Unless you’re okay with a very repetitive Facebook or Twitter channel. Have you ever tried a Twitter autoresponder? If so, you will be familiar with the idea.

Why can AI make a difference? AI adds a high degree of insight to automation. I don’t use the word “intelligence” intentionally to avoid the hype and bragging that surrounds much of the current talk about AI these days. 2018 AI won’t be able to write your creative copy (unless you like wacky prose). You won’t be able to create your social strategy either, but it will make the most repetitive tasks easier and “smarter”.

Let’s review some areas of social media that you can automate using AI:

  • Get fresh content that matches your brand.
  • Follow user conversations and report important trends.
  • Discover patterns and events in customer messages and activities.
  • Detect bots among your Twitter fans.
  • Measure the sentiment of messages, posts, threads, even your own stream.
  • Look for image trends and patterns in your Instagram feed.
  • Predict the results of an advertising campaign on Facebook.
  • Manage your calendar and adjust sharing to match your fans’ daily cycles.

The goal of AI automation is not to drive you away from your social media channels and leave them to bots. social networks
Western world it’s not here yet (there’s no risk of the hosts raising against you). You, as a social media expert, are greatly needed. In fact, AI enhances human creativity, not depresses it.

Yes, the goal is to free up teams and individuals to focus on high-level strategy, the big picture, and creative thinking. AI -€Šparaphrasing Jobs-€Šis the “new bicycle for our minds”. After all, the key to Damien Hirst’s immense artistic productivity is a studio approach to artistic production. The model here is the same: automate to release, make room for high-class problem solving.

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