6 factors to consider when buying the best RC drones

You can’t buy a military-style quad helicopter, but you can still get a small one. They are relatively inexpensive and come with HD cameras that allow you to record the incredible views while the drone is in the air. Before choosing a drone, be sure to consider a few important factors. Keep reading.

1. Camera type

The type of camera is one of the biggest considerations. You can get a drone that comes with its own camera or you can get a GoPro and install it on the drone. However, it is a good idea to choose one that has a built-in camera. The reason is that the integrated cameras are lightweight and more functional.

2. Controllable range

Each drone has a limited controllable range. Most of them will not be able to receive the remote control signal beyond 30 meters. So make sure you get a drone that offers the maximum controllable range possible.

If you are a casual user, the scope will not matter to you. But if you plan to use the drone for aerial imaging, we suggest purchasing one that offers a much more controllable range. Keep in mind that these drones are much more expensive than the normal ones.

3. Live broadcast

Not all drones come with vital power. In fact, this feature only comes with expensive drones, but it is worth the additional price. The feed uses WiFi and the stream can be received through many devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. In addition, the power is also delivered to the controller. With this function, you can see what the drone camera is currently recording.

4. Battery life

Now this is one of the most important factors to consider. Most drones come with a battery backup of around 6 minutes. The most expensive ones can stay in the air for up to 20 minutes before having to be grounded to recharge. So if you want a longer flight time, we suggest you get a more expensive camera or extra batteries.

5. Height and speed

Another important factor to consider is height and speed. Remember: your drone will not go above a certain height in the air. If you raise it in the air higher than your prescribed limit, you will lose control and the drone could crash. Based on your purpose, be sure to choose a drone that can meet your needs for speed and height. The speed of your drone will be 10-15 miles per hour.

6. Design

Over time, drones become more advanced. If you look at the high-end models, you will know that they come with GPS capability that allows the drone to fly properly in the wind. Normally, the design of the drone allows you to control it better. The weight of the drone is one of the most important factors to consider. A heavier drone will consume more battery to fly. For a smooth flight, we suggest that you opt for a model that has a GPS function.

Simply put, these are 6 important factors that will help you buy the best RC drones.

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