Market trends aren’t the only thing savvy business owners need to know to make sure their business stays on top of it. Keeping up with commercial holiday card trends can save your organization the embarrassment of sending out outdated, inappropriate or unsuccessful holiday cards. Particularly if you’re in retail, public relations, or a similarly style-conscious industry, the look of your corporate vacation card becomes a business card for all employees, customers, and partners to see; Make sure you select the best business holiday card for your organization by following the five couture corporate holiday card trends below.

-Business Christmas cards don’t have to be red and green. Expand your activities with stylish new colors for corporate holiday cards, including charcoal, chocolate, black and even pastel yellow.

-Combine function and style with a stylish corporate holiday calendar card in neutral colors like blue, gray or brown to ensure they’ll be used all year long.

– Stationery-savvy entrepreneurs have recently turned to corporate photo holiday cards as a great way to send a personal greeting, even if you have hundreds of people on your mailing list.

-To add a touch of style to your holiday business card, try a fancy print with geometric shapes, understated flowers or bold stripes.

-Don’t be afraid to include subtle office imagery in your corporate holiday cards. Embrace the business nature of your company holiday card with creative touches like charming paperclip snowflakes.

Lean on these elegant suggestions when choosing this year’s corporate holiday card, and employees, partners, and customers alike will be singing your praises all season long.

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