Rock radio station is by far the best radio station in the world, for many reasons, but my reasons are simple, direct, and straightforward.

My number one reason why I love listening to Rock is the music they play, now the “Rock” genre covers many varied types of rock music, from easy rock to hard rock, metal and thrash metal or speed metal as some people love it. like to call it. Although you often won’t hear any speed metal in rock, they have been known to play very fast paced rock music on their application shows. The range of different artists they have on their playlist is so wide that they don’t do a repeating day of work for most of the year, which means they’ll never repeat the same song all day, which is great for their fans. listeners. The artists who play range from some not so well known New Zealand bands like Blinspot or Opshop to the biggest names in rock throughout the ages like U2, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Korn, Rage Against the Machine, Metallica, Idon Maiden and CA DC.

My second reason I enjoy listening to the station is the fun DJs they have on the air, it can certainly be said that they put a lot of research and hard work into some of the gags they designed for the enjoyment of their listeners.

The third and final reason why I believe that Rock Radio is the best radio station in the world is the variety of programming features that they have during the day and at night, there are too many to list, but my favorites are “Wind Up Your Wife Wednesday “this is a parody in which one of the DJs calls a listener’s wife / girlfriend or mother and picks something that is important to them and tells them that what they thought was going to happen is not now, or that something bad has happened. That was not obvious to them until the call came. They try to wake up the poor woman and wait for the fireworks to explode. Some of the calls are so devastating to this poor woman that they end up crying or swearing like crazy, it’s so funny, but so cruel at the same time. Another main feature that I love is called “off the record” here is where they put a track from a promising artist, maybe their first single or EP. But it has led to some bands getting deals and making a great scene for themselves, which I think is great for these new bands to get a bit of a head start in the industry.

Well there you have my top 3 reasons why rock radio station is the best radio station in the world.

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