ergonomic keyboards.

In a world full of technology, you hear about this quite often. However, alternative keyboards may not be all that they are supposed to be.


Because too many people choose to use alternative keyboards as crutches instead of tools. Even as I write this article, I am forced to lift my hands up and down on the keyboard repeatedly. It doesn’t matter if my legs are crossed under my chair or my body posture.

See, ergonomics is not a bad thing when used as part of a systematic approach to working on computers. However, an alternative keyboard alone won’t solve as much as using the tool combined with other valuable ingredients.

*** Your body ***

You can buy another wireless ergonomic keyboard quite easily. No matter how science progresses, you only get one body and replacing its parts can be quite tricky at best. Therefore, take care of yourself.

adequate rest

good nutrition

· Much water

These are all important items that you should make a daily part of your life. Believe it or not, the more you take care of yourself, the less likely you are to be injured by computer keyboards.

*** Your Posture ***

While working on your computer, try to avoid lazy body positions.

Keep your wrists elevated

Keep your feet flat on the ground

Sit up straight without slouching

These are all good tips, though difficult to do, especially if you work on the computer for longer periods of time.

*** Breaks ***

Many days I work more than 10 hours a day on my laptop. Without maintaining my fluids, I can often go several hours without a break.

Therefore, I drink water and a lot of it during the day.

Not only is this good for my body, but also, well, I’ll let you draw the conclusion of what happens when someone drinks too much water. The bottom line is that I get a break even if it’s only 2.5 minutes.


As you take that break, move your body.

Computers are designed to remain relatively stationary, even laptops, which are much more portable. On the other hand, humans are supposed to be mobile.

So while you’re taking that 2.5-minute break, do some stretching. It doesn’t take much and will help you when you get back to your desk.

*** Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard ***

With all of the above in place, you will now find the best alternative keyboard results.

Look, I am not against using them as part of a holistic process to get complete results. However, if you buy an ergonomic keyboard and think it’s all you need, you’re fighting a losing battle that will sooner or later become painfully serious.

Sometimes I see people with ergonomic keyboards sitting on their laps as they lean back in their chair working. If the tool is not going to be used in the way it was designed, why use it?

However, when you’re ready to turn your ergonomic keyboards into powerful tools that will keep you in the distance for the long haul, then they’re great additions to a complete success strategy for you, your body, and your life.

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