10 Successful Dating Rules For Men

Any man who is successful with women follows the same basic pattern of behavior. These behavior patterns that ultimately lead to success in love form dating rules for men. Follow these simple tips if you want to become more attractive to pretty girls.

We are living in equal gender times, however, to be successful, men need to realize that dating and work have different rules. It’s like turning the lights on and off: when it’s sunny outside, you don’t need additional lighting in a room. But when it gets dark, doing things indoors without the lights on is pretty impractical. These dating rules work the same way: you have to follow them if you want to have a good relationship.

1. Appearance matters

The easiest way to instantly improve your results with the ladies is to dress better. Women love a man who looks clean and tidy, just like a beautiful girl walking into a room. The same product, packaged differently, will show different results if sold in a store. Even if you think, “It shouldn’t matter,” your appearance is important to women.
No matter how comfortable this distressed t-shirt and shorts feel, they won’t help you land the girl of your dreams. But spending a relatively small amount of money on clothes that fit you well will get you several steps closer to having a girlfriend or long-term partner, if that’s your goal.

— Go to a good department store and ask a clerk to help you choose clothes. You need a pair of pants and jeans, 3-4 long-sleeved shirts and polo shirts, a jacket, and 1-2 pairs of shoes, plus matching socks.

— Tell the store clerk how much money you are willing to spend and he will be able to create some attractive outfits for you.

— It’s better to buy clothes in one place, because the items may not match if bought separately, and you are not a fashion guru.

— Then just wear your new clean and ironed clothes when you go on dates or take photos for your online dating profile.

–Unless you work on your appearance and presentation first, all the other dating rules and ideas won’t work. Girls are just put off by guys who look messy.

2. Get healthy

If you’re overweight, lose a few pounds. Cut out sugar, eat vegetables instead of potatoes or pasta, and give up fast food and soda. Moderate exercise will speed up your metabolism. There is no quick fix to getting in great shape, but in the long run, it will not only bring you more dates, it will also make you happy and allow you to enjoy life and love longer.

Smoking is also a problem for many women. If you quit smoking, your dating pool will increase 3-4 times.

3. Get interesting

Dating success is more about who you are than what you say or do. Regardless of how you act around a woman, if you spend your free time in front of a screen watching TV or surfing the Internet, there isn’t much you can impress her with. Sure, with a nice outfit, a haircut, and some routine you learned in a pick-up class, you can get past the initial introductory stage, but what are you going to do next? A man is attractive as a relationship partner for a lady if he has some substance.

Having mutual goals in life is a great way to be interesting to a quality lady, as well as similar hobbies and hobbies.

4. Stop complaining

Negative people destroy your partner’s enjoyment of life. Get in the habit of following the old rule: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything” for a while. After a few weeks, you will notice that the people around you and the women in your life have grown closer to you. You might catch yourself saying negative things sometimes, but you can definitely turn positive if you decide that this is what you want to achieve.

5. Improve self-awareness

It’s easier to meet someone for a relationship when you know who you are and what you want, without being too hard on yourself or too optimistic. Take some time to write on a piece of paper what your best qualities and flaws, dreams and goals are. There are people in this world who want someone like you and you don’t need to pretend to be someone you’re not. Be yourself, accept yourself and strive to do better; that’s the key

6. Set up an online dating profile

Once you’ve got the basics figured out (rules 1-5), it’s time to start dating online. A nice profile photo where you are neatly dressed and looking good, positive text expressing who you really are, and describing some interesting hobbies will make a great first impression. With a good profile, you will be able to mark some dates.

It is easier to meet women online than in clubs and bars. Another fact that is important, quality ladies rarely spend time in entertainment venues in the afternoon, but join dating sites.

You don’t have to limit your options for meeting women online. Having hobbies and being involved in community life (p.3) will help you get in touch with some single women. Still, the Internet is an extremely easy way to start conversations with other singles and it would be unwise to overlook its advantages. You can also learn a lot about women and what they want by reading their profiles.

Basically online dating tips and ideas to communicate with girls in real life are the same. Any encounter on the internet must result in a real date, only then does a genuine relationship begin.

7. Approach women

Being a man, it is your responsibility to initiate. Sure, some ladies take the lead too, but overall, you’ll have 10 times the success if you approach women first. It doesn’t matter that 20 girls haven’t replied to your messages on a dating site. Maybe your email #21 will reach the woman who has been looking for someone like you her entire life. She just needs one right person, so keep sending these early requests. Some will be accepted and your new love affair can begin.

8. Learn to reflect

Each person has their communication style. Some people speak a lot and loudly, others say little and speak softly. The use of words and the amount of information per message also differ. Try to match your communication style and vocabulary to that of your partner. It will make it easier for her to connect with what you are saying and feel closer to you.

When you’re on a real face-to-face date, the same goes for gestures and poses. If you pull away when she leans in, that’s not good body language. She leans in, you lean in too, this is called mirroring. Try doing it first in your daily conversations with other people, and then use the same method for dating women. She puts the ladies at ease and allows them to relax in her company.

9. Be interested

The most direct way to get people interested in you is to be interested in them: who they are, what they do, what they like, what they do for fun. While chatting, in online communication or in person on a date, try to find out things that are common to both of you. Maybe you’ve seen the same comedy show in Los Angeles or you both visited Paris. The more things you have in common, the more comfortable the lady will be with you.

10. The woman who likes you will want to be with you

If you simply followed the 9 steps above, you will have enough options to meet single women looking for relationships. Just keep setting dates, introduce yourself, and do your best.

Over time, you’ll be much better at dating, just as doing push-ups every day will guarantee your good biceps within a few months.

— if a woman doesn’t like you, she doesn’t like you; that’s all it is. It doesn’t mean you’re not a good man and a great potential partner for a relationship. There are billions of other women in the world and it’s a waste of time trying to get a woman who doesn’t like who you are to be with you.
— Just get in touch with other women and you will find the perfect match.
— There are countless success stories that prove it works.

You don’t need luck, you just need to do it, and you will find the love you have always dreamed of.

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